Check out the list of games where you can grab for free or at a deep discount right now

With all of the chaos happening within the world, now’s an excellent time to spend a while relaxing with new games. Maybe you would like an inventory of games to play during the subsequent few weeks. Maybe you’re looking to get some new games, but you’re tight on cash. Look no further! I’ve compiled an inventory of games that are either free or extremely cheap at the instant.

Please note that I will be able to be listing several games available on multiple platforms. However, I’m only mentioning versions of the game that have these sweet deals available. We’ll update this story if the other great deals come along.


It may not be smart to use public transportation immediately if you’ll avoid it, but if you miss taking the metro on your commute to figure, Mini Metro just might fill the void. It’s a puzzle strategy game where your objective is to create an adequate rail transit network for your city that’s continuously increasing in population. Mini Metro may be a puzzle strategy computer game developed by the indie development team Dinosaur Polo Club. Players are tasked with constructing an efficient rail transit network for a rapidly growing city. Stations are represented by differently shaped nodes and players can build tracks to attach them by drawing lines.

You can get it from – App Store ($3.99), Google Play (Free)


Sure, you’ll still go outside and luxuriate in Mother Nature, but if you’re an introvert like me and would rather explore the good virtual outdoors, then Treasure Adventure Game just could be what you would like immediately. It’s a 2D open-world platformer where you venture across the planet, taking quests and finding treasure. You’re equipped with nothing quite a hat, a parrot, and a ship that instantly appears after you inherit contact with water.

The game is being offered by GOG as a part of an initiative to encourage people to remain indoors the maximum amount as possible. a couple of other games are available for free of charge also.

You can get it from – GOG (free)


When people consider multiplayer shooters, games that sometimes come to mind include the Battlefield and Call of Duty. But sometimes, you only get uninterested in fighting human NPCs. What if I told you there’s a game that gives an identical experience, but you play as a bunch of homicidal goats?

Goat of Duty may be a fast-paced multiplayer shooter where you’re armed to the horns with lethal weapons. It’s equal parts fun and goofy, offering its own charm during a genre that features a lot of games to settle on from.

You can get it from – Steam ($6)


Sure, The Staley Parable isn’t the foremost exciting game on this list, but what it lacks in action and combat, it makes up for in excellent writing and humor. You play as Stanley, a white-collared worker who finishes up exploring his strangely abandoned workplace.

Throughout the game, a British narrator explains which path you’re taking and the way the story plays out. Still, the important strength of this game is you don’t need to hear what the narrator says; you’ll choose your own path and stumble across a totally different ending. (The narrator even hilariously berates you if you are doing.)

You can get it from – Epic Games Store ($5.99)


Humble Bundle has a superb deal happening immediately, featuring plenty of great games from Capcom. It’s a “Pay What You Want” bundle, so you’ll choose what proportion of money you would like to spend. At a minimum, it’s worth paying a minimum of $11, which grants you a 50% discount to get Steam keys to Devil May Cry 5 and Resident Evil 2 remake.

You can get it from – Humble Bundle ($1 to $20)


Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy was one of the most reasons why I begged my mother to shop for me a PlayStation 2. I’m an enormous fan of the series and can revisit these games whenever I even have the time. It’s one among the few Sony platformers that has evolved with the industry, evolving from a collect-a-thon into an open-world action-focused platformer.

For $20 you’ll obtain the whole Jak and Daxter trilogy also as its spinoff title, Jak X: Combat Racing. If you’re a PS4 owner, all four of those games will provide you with plenty of hours of content to stay you busy.

You can get it from – PlayStation Store ($39.99)


I love the Life is Strange series and have played through the games multiple times. apart from the strong storytelling, I’m enamored by the primary game’s characters (p.s. Chloe Price is my favorite), setting (the serene Arcadia Bay), and therefore the truly beautiful soundtrack, which captures just the proper emotion during certain parts of the game.

You can devour the entire season for the primary game, which incorporates all five episodes, for under $5 on the Xbox digital store, which is practically giving the game away. If you’re on the fence about whether you’ll enjoy the game, the primary episode is liberal to get your feet wet.

You can get it from –  Microsoft Store ($19.99)


Okay, I do know Half-Life: Alyx is out, but if you’re trying to find a fun VR multiplayer game, might I suggest learning Space Junkies? It’s a fast-paced VR arcade shooter that jogs my memory of great first-person shooters like Halo and Quake but offers its own spin. It’s a surreal experience with fast-paced action and detailed weapon customization.

You can get it from – Steam (75% Discount)